Take That!

This page contains all of the information you need to know about the 90s heartthrobs. They are, without a doubt, the Pop King and Queen! Those three Howards - Howard Donald, Gary Barlow, and Mark Owen - are unquestionably correct.

30th Anniversary

This year, in celebration of their 30th anniversary as a band (they were founded in 1990), the group embarked on an extensive 'Greatest Hits Live Tour 2019' that brought them all over the country.

A tremendous boost

By selling more records than any other English group since The Beatles, Take That gave pop music a tremendous boost and went on to become the greatest British boy band of the 1990s, becoming the biggest British boy band of all time.

  • Garry is originally from Frodsham in Cheshire;
  • Howard is originally from Droylsden in Lancashire;
  • Mark and Robbie are both originally from Oldham in Lancashire;
  • and Jason is originally from Crumpsall in Greater Manchester.

Decision To Disband

Follow-up to Robbie Williams' departure in June 1995, the 13th of February 1996 was a sad day for Take That fans, as the band announced their decision to disband. Fortunately, the band has reunited, and we have all of the information you need to know about their new lineup.Take That's five heads and ten legs were originally comprised of:

  • Gary Barlow
  • Mark Owen
  • Howard Donald
  • Jason Orange
  • and, of course, Robbie Williams

The Cutest Rush

Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, and Mark Owen used to be a part of a band called The Cutest Rush, which was formed in 1996. They were both born into show business families - Gary used to play organ for Ken Dodd, while Robbie's mother and father were singers and stand-up comedic performers, respectively.

Manchester United squad

Mark, on the other hand, had attempted to join the Manchester United squad but had been unsuccessful in his efforts to make the team. Upon the addition of Jason Orange and Howard Donald from the breakdancing group Street Machine to Gary, Mark, and Robbie's original line-up, Nigel Martin Smith, Take That's first manager, put together the lineup that would eventually become Take That.

After forming in Manchester

In 1990 under the leadership of composer and lead singer Gary Barlow, the group became a commercial success. Howard Donald and Jason Orange were the most physically active members of the group in the beginning, mainly performing as dancers. Later on, Robbie Williams and Mark Owen joined in to provide backing vocals.

"Britain's New Kids On The Block"

It was at these pubs that Take That began their career, where they were dubbed "Britain's New Kids On The Block" since they were seen as the country's answer to New Kids On The Block. Despite the fact that they are not very beautiful, Nigel Martin Smith made a great decision, and the risqué music video for the song "Do What U Like," which shows semi-naked guys battling each other in bathtubs, created quite a stir on the internet.